Lessons Learned From Cloud Migrations

Through our Cloud Workshop offering, GTRI experts have worked with hundreds of clients to plan, strategize, validate and optimize their cloud migrations. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things from the companies we’ve served and the choices we’ve helped them make.

Join Andrew Tennant, Practice Director of Hybrid IT & Cloud at GTRI, to discover:

  • Key steps to assess cloud readiness
  • Hidden cost reduction tactics
  • The challenges of mapping – and understanding – dependencies
  • Considerations during vendor and provider selection
  • The importance of third-party assessments
The session will be followed by Q&A.

About Your Host - Andrew Tennant

Andrew is the Practice Director of Hybrid IT & Cloud at GTRI. His background includes 16 years in data center and deployment specialization at Cisco, as well as positions at Morpheus Data and Productive Data Solutions.

Fun fact to ask about during Q&A: Andrew holds a Physics degree from Grinnell College and spent five years as a Staff Scientist for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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