Ten Questions to Ask During Your Cloud Workshop

Most companies know that a successful cloud migration typically starts with a third-party ‘Cloud Workshop' to help document current state, strategize for future state and achieve executive alignment for the project.

What they don’t necessarily know is what questions they should be asking of their third-party vendor during the Cloud Workshop – and what that vendor should be bringing to the table.

Join Andrew Tennant, Practice Director of Hybrid IT & Cloud at GTRI, for an interactive discussion of topics including:

  • Business objective determination and clarification
  • Security, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Governance, risk management and compliance
  • Cloud Automation
  • Post-migration optimization

The session will be followed by Q&A. All participants will also be entered to win a free, on-site Cloud Workshop from Andrew and his team.

About Your Host - Andrew Tennant

Andrew is the Practice Director of Hybrid IT & Cloud at GTRI. His background includes 16 years in data center and deployment specialization at Cisco, as well as positions at Morpheus Data and Productive Data Solutions.

Fun fact to ask about during Q&A: Andrew holds a Physics degree from Grinnell College and spent five years as a Staff Scientist for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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